Sarah's Guest Blog

When I first asked Sarah if she could write a guest blog about her boudoir experience with us, she quickly responded with an enthusiastic "Yes"!When I first read this, it almost brought me to tears even. Sarah's transformation has been one of the most memorable ones and I've been so blessed to work with her multiple times. Here is her story, written by Sarah herself.

Sarah's Story

"When I first inquired about a Boudoir session with Amanda, I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to do this but was unsure it was the "right time". My confidence in my body has dwindled after having three children in 5 years. Between the house, the kids, the chores, and everything in between there just hasn't been a lot of ME time anymore and I was really not feeling good in my own skin. After having kids, I'm in a new space where I'm trying to love the body I have while still working towards a stronger healthier version of me at the same time. And lets be real, that is HARD. I was hoping a boudoir shoot my lift my spirits in the right direction (and boy was I right)!

I was kind of nervous before our phone consult but when she gave me a call and we started talking she was so kind and patient with me and all of my questions, which really helped ease my nerves. She explained a bit about herself, what to expect, and let me ask as many questions as needed. I let Amanda know my worries, and she eased my mind as she talked me through her process from start to finish. She explained the pricing and packages and told me about all of the different payment options which was great! By the time we were done with our phone call, a lot of the nerves were gone and I was so excited to get started!

Between the time I booked with Amanda and the photo shoot, she kept in contact with me via email and text. She sent me fun wardrobe and prep tips and was so nice to answer all of my questions as they came up. As my session approached she sent me an email letting me know the steps and process of the photoshoot day and what to expect which I found sooo helpful! She also requested that I create a mood board to help her nail down my vision. I didn't know what I wanted, so I scoured the internet looking for ideas and photos really helped and honestly made me more excited for the big day. I ended up falling in love with a faux shower set and added it to my mood board, not really sure if it was even doable. I was sooo happy to hear back that she was able to offer a wet t-shirt set and a shower set during my session (and these ended up being my favorite shots!).

On the day of my photoshoot I brought some of my favorite lingerie which was a mix of more revealing pieces as well as some that covered a little more in case I decided I was feeling kind of modest. Amanda's studio was set up in her house, which was warm and welcoming. She had a sign outside that was made just for me and she greeted me at the door with a warm hug and a "Come on in!". She said she had looked at my mood board and had come up with some ideas for shoot setups. She asked to see the outfits I brought. I told her I hoped what I brought was okay and that I couldn't decide on any specific outfit. She reassured me that everything I had would work and that she would put together outfits while I was getting made up. She introduced me to her hair and makeup artist, who was so sweet and welcoming. I was thankful that this came with all her sessions because I can't do my own hair or makeup to save my life. The hair and make-up artist went over what I wanted and we got started. Amanda also had food and champagne set up for me when I arrived, which was perfect! I hadn't eaten from the nerves but could snack throughout the session.

When hair and makeup wrapped up, Amanda escorted me to the room I would be changing in. She had all of the outfits I had picked organized and put together perfectly! She had pulled 4 outfits and had them arranged from most modest to most revealing. She told me to change into the most modest one to work through my nerves first, and we would go from there. The session was honestly like hanging out with a friend. She made me feel confident, at ease, and sexy! We listened to music, talked, and laughed. She would sneak me a photo from her camera here and there to show me how things were looking and oh man! I never knew I could look that way or be that sexy. I felt good in my skin again, which made me feel good overall. We went through all four outfits and multiple set changes. The more we shot, the more fun I had and the more I got into it. I was learning to love myself again in real-time. Amanda had put so much love, expertise, and happiness into this shoot and it made the experience incredible. When the shoot finally ended I left feeling like I could go out anywhere and turn heads.

We set up an in-person meeting to review my photos and select the ones I would keep forever. I walked in feeling confident I would only get a set amount of photos and would be in and out quickly. Going in, I thought I had an idea of the poses I liked the most and which photos I would be okay to pass up. Boy, was I wrong! It took a while for me to narrow down the images I wanted. There were so many I loved but working with a budget in mind she helped me narrow it down based on what would pair well together in my final album. She made me feel her goal was to ensure I was happy, confident, and felt good about myself and these photos. We finally narrowed it down, and I splurged a little bit on some fun extras too. I also opted for one of the luxury photo albums, which was worth it! I think I look back at these photos as much as my husband when I feel like I need a little pick me up.

I didn't know what to expect going into a luxury boudoir experience, but overall it was incredible. Amanda went above and beyond to make me feel like I was her sole focus. The effort that she put in was unmatched. It is also something I would never have expected from a photographer. She was constantly there when I needed answers and checked in while keeping me up to date through the process. I was so thankful to the different payment options she offered that made it affordable and attainable. The photos were absolutely gorgeous but the experience was once in a lifetime. To anyone on the fence about doing a session with Amanda its time to take the plunge! The attention and effort Amanda gave me was well above anything I have ever experienced and was the perfect pampering experience I needed. Since my first experience with Amanda I have since branched even further out of my comfort zone and have done a full experience outdoor session as well!