What Is Boudoir?

a life changing experience

Boudoir photography is an Intimate photo session (not only in lingerie) focused on Embracing & Celebrating you. Boudoir celebrates you as a whole while capturing your energy and highlighting everything about you that makes you uniquely beautiful .

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"And I said to my body softly, 'I want to be your friend'. it took a long breath and replied, 'I've been waiting my whole life for this.' "

-Nayyira Waheed

Confidence is the difference between blending in and being incredible

Why Boudoir?

Imagine If....

Imagine if you accepted yourself freely. All of the flaws, the scars, the strength & the beauty. How would that change your life? To be free of imagined expectations?

A boudoir experience is a chance to feel great about yourself, to be the main character again, to embrace your inner badass, reignite your confidence, accept who you are, AND leave with gorgeous photos of yourself.

Instead of asking yourself "why?"...maybe you should ask yourself, "why the hell not?"

Let's Do This
When's the last time you were brave?

Life Begins At The Edge of Your Comfort Zone

Boudoir photography helps you embrace everything that divinely defines you -- the curves, the scars, the strength within, the survivor you are, the badass, the lioness, the goddess, the warrior, the siren... all of it.

I get it, its scary to be vulnerable & its hard to get out of your own head sometimes to just do the damn thing – BUT when you do it's freeing, healing, and empowering.

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Amanda D.

“Absolutely loved my experience with Amanda! She was so friendly, professional, empowering and talented. The pictures are so magical and priceless to me! Extremely grateful for my experience and highly recommend Amanda!”

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What If i'm camera shy?

Being nervous in front of a camera is TOTALLY NORMAL. Even I still get a little nervous when the camera is turned on me!

All of the beautiful clients you see in my portfolio were shy and nervous (sometimes *really* nervous) before their shoots and I can promise. we have so much fun the nerves quickly fade.

What if I have no idea how to pose or what to do in front of a camera?

No posing knowledge or experience in front of the camera is required!
I'll guide you through each pose and will even demonstrate the pose beforehand.

What do I wear?

Your booking fee includes full outfit consultation and wardrobe guide. You’ll receive my style guide after your consult call, which will give you tips and pointers about different things you might wear. I recommend having 3-5 outfits with you to choose from ont he day of your session. On the day of, I'll help you in the process of choosing between your lingerie, outfits, and accessories that will flatter your body type and look incredible on camera!

Where does the session take place?

The choice is yours! I shoot out of my home studio in Kapolei, and also offer outdoor boudoir sessions at various beach and jungle locations around Oahu.

How much does it cost?

The fee to book is $375 and includes:
- Pre-consultation,
- Exclusive session planning & wardrobe guides.
- 90 Minute Boudoir Photo Session Experience
- Guided posing direction for every body type
- Image editing
- Reveal & Ordering session.

Images, albums, wall art, and collections are purchases separately.

Collections & Albums start at $749 and go up from there. Most clients spend between $2000-3000, but in the end your final investment is UP TO YOU.

You'll make a final purchase decision only after seeing your finished images at your Reveal & Ordering appointment.


Meet Amanda

Aloha, I'm Amanda. An Oahu boudoir photographer, mom, mil spouse, and ocean lover. Why boudoir? Simply put YOU are my "Why". Watching each client glow up and bloom over the course of a session is absolutely incredible. I couldn't ask for a better career. Meeting amazing people, having fun, and helping others shed self-doubt and step into their power with confidence is such an amazing feeling.
Whether its to celebrate something special or something you've always wanted to do, I can't wait to work with you

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