Thinking About a Boudoir Sesison?

Getting Ready For Your Session

If you're thinking about a boudoir session while you're here on Oahu there's a lot to think about before getting ready. With these 5 tips for your boudoir session you'll be sure to arrive with the day set up for success.

Tip 1 - Grooming Prep

Hair, I urge you NOT to switch it up right before your shoot. If you have waist-length hair, don't get a bob. If you're a brunette, don't try going blonde. Keep yourself recognizable. Get a fresh color (if you do it regularly) and cut about 1.5 weeks before the session. Wash Your Hair 24 hours before your shoot. 3-day old hair is NOT cute. NAILS. I encourage you to get pampered and go for a mani/Pedi about 2-3 days before shoot day. Keep it simple so the focus is on YOU. WAXING 3-5 days before the shoot. Allow time for irritation and redness to subside!!! Shaving, no more than 12-24 hours before & moisturize.

Tip #2 - To Tan or Not To Tan

This one is in all caps, sister! AVOID SPRAY TANS & LAYING OUT. If you are Snow White’s sister like my bff it’s very tempting to go out in search of some bronze goodness, but trust me when I say: even with professional application, spray tans can turn out too orange or too splotchy. It is not difficult to botch a spray tan!

Also, I get it, we live in Hawaii. However, trying to get an even tan by laying out last minute on the beach the day before your shoot will most likely leave you red and cooked with strong tan lines. Most photographers (raising my hand high over here!) consider a poor spray tan or really bad bikini lines an extensive edit to fix. Because I have so much else to focus on with the editing side of things, spray tans (or real tans) are not something I fix in post-processing (i.e Photoshop). While tanning may be tempting please know that your natural skin tone will still be 100% gorgeous in photos! Oh, and while we are on the subject of skin, here on Oahu the sun is strong so please be VERY careful in the sun leading up to your boudoir experience--put on that sunblock when out and about. Tan lines are not so flattering in photos!

Tip 3 - Hydrate, Stretch, Repeat!

About two weeks from your appointment, you will want to start refraining from alcohol, sugary drinks, and soda, and start fueling your body with TONS of water! Water has so many amazing benefits including glowing skin, reduced bloat, and helps to battle breakouts (because stress nerves are a real thing and can affect your skin). You will want to start a routine of stretching before bed because boudoir sessions are serious workouts! Target your lower back and neck specifically. (Ask me for my stretching guide if you feel like you need it!) Boudoir shoots are more physically taxing than you may think--lots of arching, breathing and holding poses so you’ll want to be as limber as you can be when you arrive with that dreamy glowing skin.

Tip 4 - Bring Variety!

Bring Variety In Your Outfits for your boudoir session.

Pack different colors, textures, and types of clothing! It doesn't just have to be lingerie! Raid your closet for unique looks! You can bring your fave over-the-top dress, a cozy sweater, a loose white tee, body chains, trench coats, swimsuits, scarves, , cut-up jeans/shorts, or whatever you have that makes you feel you can slay the universe. Do not limit yourself to whatever Victoria’s Secret has to offer! There are so many options that can be incredibly sexy that are not lingerie. The sky is the limit and you do not need lingerie to be sexy.

Tip 5 - Hair & Make Up Prep

If doing your own make-up, focus on the eyes! Falsies are great if you wear them, if not make sure your mascara is from a fresh tube, it really makes the difference in preventing clumping and adding drama. LEAVE THE GLITTER AT HOME. Glittery eye makeup tends to look grainy on camera and doesn't photograph well close up.

If you choose to have professional hair and make up, know what you want! It is so helpful to the artist(s) that will be doing your hair/makeup to have an idea of how you would like to see yourself. You should always have a say in how your hair/makeup looks. Bring pictures of the makeup you like, or even your favorite selfie, so that they get an idea of the amount of makeup you are comfortable with. Come prepared to communicate what you are/aren’t envisioning. Come with clean and moisturized skin and no greater than day-old hair.