You’ve heard of it, maybe even thought about it… but do you really know what a Boudoir Session is and what wonders it might unlock for you?

So let’s talk about it. Forget everything else, you’re here for a reason, you’re curious and you want to know what booking a session would mean for you. The truth is, the answer is a little different for every woman. It really depends on why you’re considering booking and what your reason is for holding back. Here are 10 reasons why you should book a Boudoir Shoot. If you want to book an Oahu Boudoir session, even better ;)


You won’t admit it, but we all know the truth. You’re a bad ass bitch, a total boss, an unapologetic woman who can move mountains when the need arises. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, you are an amazing woman and you should be proud to own it. There shouldn’t be a day that goes by in which you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and powerful in your own body. Women sometimes forget how important embracing their sassy, strong and feminine side is. A boudoir session a perfect reminder. Step into your power, allow yourself to be shown how beautiful and how perfect you are, just as you are. Really we could stop right here because this. is. everything. However, there are still plenty of other reasons that might beckon you to book a boudior session. Let's explore them, shall we?

2. Anniversaries

You’re in love, and it’s totally amazing, maybe you still feel butterflies even. You fell hard and fast, time flies and before you know it, a year has passed. Or maybe it’s been a couple of years… maybe its been a decade and you're still in love after all that time. This year, you’re going to do something different. That’s right. You’re going to give them the anniversary present of their dreams. One that celebrates you while in this season of your life together. The best part is, they can't even begin to guess what they're getting this year.

However, not all anniversaries need to be centered around love and romance. Maybe it's your 1 year anniversary at that dream job you anniversary is an anniversary. Make it about them, or make it about you. Boudoir as a present to celebrate yourself is NEVER a bad idea. You're a bad bitch and you deserve to feel like it! This brings me to my next point...


You've done something incredible, you've reached a goal or achievement that you've busted your ass for and you're looking for a way to celebrate your amazing self. A lot can happen in the course of a few months, and just making it through a rough year is reason enough to celebrate sometimes. Having a boudoir shoot can make reaching that milestone all the sweeter and should be a reminder of just how incredible you are for all that you've done and made it through. Got a promotion? Reached that mile time or deadlift personal record? Kept your plants alive for more than a whole season this year? Whatever the reason, it's totally valid babe, and you deserve to celebrate your grit, poise, and accomplishments. Need more practical reasons? I've got you girl..

You're Recently Engaged, or Newlywed!

Thinking about the perfect way to celebrate your engagement, upcoming nuptials or first few months as Mrs babe? Well, why not spoil the lucky someone with some gorgeous pics of you in sexy lingerie while wearing your beautiful engagement or wedding rings? Maybe even include some shots of you in an over-the-top evening gown or cocktail dress at a dreamy location? It’s definitely a kick-ass reminder that the bride-to-be (or new bride is a total babe, and an excellent way to commemorate this incredible milestone in your life. You'll love being able to look back at these pictures 10 years from now to see yourself at the start of your marital journey. Think about it, when’s the next time you’ll have the chance for some drop-dead gorgeous bridal boudoir.


Being apart from your loved one can be one of the hardest experiences for anyone to go through. Military families experience this more than most. When you can’t see your significant other for prolonged periods of time it makes it tough to keep things passionate. That's why it's important to get creative! Whether you’re back at home, or they are, leave them with a gorgeous gift that reminds them of you. Be it a "little black book" of some of your favorite saucy images, or a custom mobile app they can pull out whenever they're particularly missing you... this is the perfect gift to help them through long periods of separation. What’s keeping you from booking your boudoir session and sending them an amazing surprise? Need some more practical reasons? Keep on scrolling.

6. Birthdays! Theirs OR Yours

It's that special someone's birthday, and you want to give them the perfect gift. How about some jaw-dropping pictures showing off the real present? We all know that you're his favorite dessert, birthday cake be damned! So celebrate it whether it’s his birthday... or maybe even yours.

This brings me to a better point... maybe it IS YOUR birthday... this birthday is a big one, or maybe its been a meaningful year and you want to celebrate it a little differently than normal. You feel like this year has been one of your most fabulous yet, so why not flaunt it!? Take those bold beautiful pictures you’ve been owing yourself from however many birthdays ago! You'll love having them to look back on for years to come.


Perhaps you thought you peaked in your 20’s? Feeling maybe not as "hot" and well-oiled as you once were? Well girl, it’s time to discover your new “peak”. I know that seeing is believing and, at the end of your session, you’ll walk away with gorgeous pictures that will remind you that you never lost your sexy. A boudoir session is a perfect opportunity for you to let yourself explore and rediscover your beautiful body in a new and daring way, and from a whole new perspective that you can't get from a mirror or a selfie. Don’t go another day not realizing your utter perfection, because you are FLAWLESS. 

A little nervous Maybe? Not sure what to expect? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In my next blog post ” What Should I Expect from my Boudoir Session” I go over everything you need to know. From hair, to make up, to outfits… all your questions and curiosities answered!

8. Holidays

You know it’s coming, but you didn’t realize how soon. Then, out of nowhere, there they are. Aisles stuffed with cheesy pink heart candies and oversized plush animals, or maybe tinsel, wrapping paper and stockings, maybe even power tools and bad dad joke t-shirts.... there are holidays that sneak upon us several times a year.

Once you see the isles of your favorite stores start to change, the race is on for that perfect gift. You start stressing out over what you’re going to get that special someone… but this year make sure you forget the overpriced novelty items... you’re going for the GOLD. This year, you’re spoiling them with something better than the shelf-ready gift baskets.

Single? So what? SPOIL YOURSELF! No matter what your status is on Valentine's days, Christmas, or maybe even Father's day (single moms, I see you!)... you also need to 100% love and appreciate yourself. Just think of a boudoir session the ultimate “I Love Myself And I'm Worth It" gift.

9. You Need To Add a Little Bit of... Spice

Long-term relationships.. they're amazing and sometimes difficult but always worth the effort if you have the right partner. Sometimes they're so great in fact, that you find yourself extra comfortable and things start to feel a little... routine. You find yourself falling into a single rhythm, and while things aren’t bad, they could definitely be a little more... exciting. Enter in, the stunning images from your boudoir session! A boudoir session is a great way to add a little bit of spice. Kill the routine with one bold step out of your comfort zone. Make your move, and make it good!

10. You're a Mom Now

Maybe you're a new mom, or perhaps you've had a few kids and you've been in the mom scene for a while. Babies are cute, but let’s be real, they put our bodies through absolute hell. Being a mom is one of the most rewarding things in life... but let's be honest, sometimes it's all too easy to LOSE YOURSELF in the role of "Mom" to the point of exhaustion and identity crisis.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to treat yourself to some TLC and some regular self-care.

Whether you have a few kids already or you've just had your first not too long ago, you're different and your body is different now too. BUT... different doesn’t mean bad, and different does NOT mean that your body is no longer beautiful. Embrace your new tiger stripe scars (the incredible tigress that you are) and embrace the changes! You and your body created life! That's pretty damn incredible and something to be celebrated. When you feel unsure of your new body or you need help learning how to love the new you, a boudoir session could be just what you need to see yourself in a loving, and beautiful new light. A boudoir session can single-handedly give you back all the confidence you might feel like you've been missing.

A beach boudoir or studio boudoir session is the perfect way to start something new or celebrate something accomplished. From one woman to another, I know it’s intimidating to embrace and love your body. In the age of social media with so many perfectly curated pictures from models and "influencers", it's easy to wrap ourselves in a veil of negativity and self-doubt. If you walk away with anything after reading this, I hope it’s a reassurance that you are beautiful, and that you are worthy of feeling like a goddess. Regardless of anything negative you might have told yourself in the past, you are more than gorgeous enough to have your own glamorous photo session.

I’ve been a photographer for years, and I can honestly say, the transformation I see over the course of a boudoir shoot is incredible. The visible transformation in the level of self-confidence a boudoir session brings out of each of my clients is almost unbelievable.

I hope to see you in front of my camera soon! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or to get started in planning your perfect luxury boudoir photo session.